Music Production/DAWs

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DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Softwares used at O'Rourke Music Studios:

(not required for lessons)


Logic Pro 

Abelton Live 

FL Studio


Over the past few years, the fields of Music Production and Music Technology have become increasingly more prevalent and available to students. However, the complexities behind these softwares can be unexpectedly difficult without guidance and teaching. 

One of the common questions from parents with children interested in production is the concern that this may lack educational value compared to classical piano. To clarify any of these concerns, here are some of the strongly educational aspects of production:


  •  Compositional Technique 

  • Composition/Songwriting              Organization and Form 

  • Orchestration/Instrumentation 

  • Develop computer skills on a demanding software interface 

  • Rhythmic Techniques 

  •  Harmony and Chord Structures

Another strong advantage of learning production is in the pursuit of a professional music career, where knowledge and expertise in these softwares are generally required.


Production also serves as a fantastic alternative to older students possibly losing interest in traditional piano studies, whom wish to stay involved and challenged in music.  


Genres Include:

Video Game Composition 

Film and Television Scoring 

Hip-Hop Production and Beat Making

EDM -  Techno - Dubstep 

Traditional Songwriting 

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